The Fall Sale will be October 25-27 with a Preview Sale for members on October 24.

Hours of the sale are

  • Friday 10am-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 12pm-5pm

There will be 50,000 books in more than 50 categories, with free admission and easy parking. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted for book purchases.

If you are interested in volunteering for the sale, please visit our online sign up.

To stay updated about the event, please visit our Facebook page.

Preview Sale

Our Preview Sale on Thursday October 24th from 4-7pm is for members only. Folks can join at the door.

Donate Your Gently Used Books for the Sale

Why not clean out your bookshelves to make room for the books you buy at the Old Book Sale? It’s a recycling program that is fun!

If you are wondering what makes a book “gently used”, it is a book that is in good enough condition for someone else to read. Most of our shoppers avoid books that are water damaged, moldy or falling apart. The only exception is a book that is very old but even those items should have all the pages intact. We request that you avoid donating magazines or encyclopedias as they are not sold at the Book Sale.

To donate books for the Old Book Sale, bring them to the desk of the Washington Memorial Library or any of the Bibb County library branches. Be sure to mark your bags or boxes “Friends” or “Book Sale” so we will be sure to get them. You can also bring them to our workroom. The Friends are available to help unload books on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am until 1pm at our workroom located at 2720 Riverside Drive.